The Unfaithful

My husband makes money, a lot of money . Growing up , for a short time , I thought money is not important , but love is . Then I went poor , became desperate,  suffered , embarrassed,  I realised money is everything . So , I made sure to marry a man who knows… Read More The Unfaithful


” Why do you think so ?” Suddenly, I was thirsty again, and there was a glass of water . I don’t remember seeing a waiter , and wondered whether the glass was always there. A faint memory of the glass being filled by the waiter , while I was leaning to ananya hits me… Read More Reunion-2

Reunion ( part-1)

A deep breath , and I entered . The room was brightly lit , with tables lying across , their polished surface sparkling in the light . I saw them sitting in the group, and I joined them . They kept talking unaware of my presence , about a blue fish that kept jumping the… Read More Reunion ( part-1)

Wild heart

Amongst the silent neighbourhood , with their classy houses , lay a wild hut . Potions are being brewed here, the glasses are made of skulls and the brooms walk here and there. The colourful paintings , the empty bird cages , the decorated plants , and the slow flowing melody . Here is where… Read More Wild heart

The Actress

She is talking , smiling . Her eyes glitter, and she is a lot more beautiful , like she used to be . For a moment , he wanted it to be the truth . For a moment , he wanted to live in his momentary truth, in his wild empty imagination . How would… Read More The Actress

The Itch

It started all of a sudden It started to itch . My limbs My body My insides All turning and tossing Tiny dark spots All over my body . All the baths and soaps All the enchantments and prayers All the wasted medications And my skin that never grows back . Then I saw ,… Read More The Itch


“Let’s play.” He said. I don’t want to play . His eyes glistens and glitters , something twisted in my stomach. His eyes were slowly slithering to me , threatening to crumble me , testing me up. “Why ? Scared? “He smirked , his slithering eyes shifted it’s gaze. Mira is standing beside him ,… Read More Games


My lines blur My words slur So I took a bit of you And it kept me sane . It hurts to love , Hurts to lose , So to grasp the unseen coir , On my way To the depths of my despair , I had a bit of you. The quite hooded guy… Read More PLACEBO


I have been searching for sometime and hopefully through this blog , I’ll know ‘what ‘and ‘why’. Everything i write in here, is the murmerings of my heart, and most of them are jumbled and crazy .Hopefully, one day through these writings, i would become better at translating the heart language ( i believe its… Read More Me

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